About Reflex staffing solutions

Reflex Staffing has been a leader in staffing solutions for more than 30 years. Established in 1985, Reflex Staffing Solutions began as a provider of experienced professionals, managers and executives for interim, project and direct hire. Largely focusing on the Southwest Pennsylvania region, Reflex Staffing quickly developed a reputation for being a premier supplier of top talent across a wide variety of industries.

Over the next three decades, Reflex Staffing Solutions continued to grow and thrive, emerging as Reflex Global Solutions, providing organizations with business growth strategies and human capital solutions. Maintaining the same high level of service and commitment, Reflex Staffing leveraged its extensive business expertise and unique position as a top-level staffing organization to provide global solutions, including consultancy and placement services, to businesses all over the globe.

Reflex Staffing Solutions continues to be recognized as a respected business partner to organizations in a variety of industries. Our detailed approach allows us to develop strong partnerships while providing clients with comprehensive recruiting solutions on a personalized level. Vast industry knowledge, years of experience and an extensive recruiting network allow us to quickly identify and attract the highest caliber professionals on a local, regional and global basis.

Our Leadership

Long recognized as a driven and dynamic leader with the recruiting and staffing industry, Jeff McGraw leads Reflex Staffing with a solutions-oriented focus. Jeff’s track record reflects the level of accomplishment and accolade business leaders should expect from a partner.


Throughout his career, Jeff has served in multiple capacities, from recruiter to owner and senior vice president. During this time, Jeff has overseen enormous growth and expansion of the firms with which he has served. This experience allows him to provide the organizations with whom he partners an unparalleled understanding of the urgency and realities of critical human capital demands.


In addition to his own distinct professional accomplishments, Jeff has also occupied numerous leadership positions with NPAworldwide, a Global Network of Independent Recruitment Firms, including Regional Board Director, Secretary/Treasurer, Chair-Elect and Chair. Jeff also participated in the successful acquisition of NBN (National Banking Network) including due diligence, negotiation and closing.

Jeff’s continued commitment to success and Reflex Staffing’s sterling reputation for excellence are a potent combination, providing businesses within their scope unprecedented access to some of the most valuable business services and human capital solutions available today.